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Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Day after The Cross

The Day after the Cross


Devastated, despairing…confused.  Even though Jesus had told His disciples what He had come to do, the Cross certainly didn’t look or feel like victory.


Those who had seen Him feed the five thousand, calm the storm, raise the dead, and fulfill countless prophecies could not bring themselves to imagine anything good coming from the Cross.


They reasoned, “It was over.  Finished.”  Doubt flooded their minds.  Was He really who He said He was?


How like us today.


We’ve read His promises.   We’ve seen Him act in our lives.   We’ve heard His voice whisper things just for us.  But, then, He does something unexpected.   Something we don’t like.   Our circumstances don’t turn out the way we had hoped.   We can’t see Him at work or imagine that He is. 


What then?


Do we shirk away- devastated, despairing and confused?


Or do we hold on?   Remembering, like that day after the Cross, even when things look horribly wrong—Jesus is always at work keeping His promises.   Always.


Hell has been defeated.   Victory is already won.   Jesus said He is coming again to make all things new.  And He is.  


He said His plans for you are exceedingly abundantly more than you can ask or imagine (Eph 3:20)… (let alone see or figure out).  


Just because you don’t understand what He is doing doesn’t mean Jesus isn’t defeating Hell for you.  


Hold on.  Hold on to Him.   Believe Him.  Follow Him. 


Hope is found in His promises, in His blood, in His righteousness. Especially when you don’t’ understand.


Hold on.   Sunday is coming. 


Blessed are those who believe in Him even when they can’t see Him.  (John 20:29)

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