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Kim Jaggers
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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

25 year-old Words on a Wipe-off board

“Whatever He says to you, do it”
John 2:5

A wipe-off board with the words, “God said yes!!!” sets
protected at my parent’s home almost 25 years after they were written. I remember reading them as a teenager wondering
briefly what God had said “yes” to and how my brother knew. While I struggled through the teenage years;
Chuck sought God daily through His Word, and found answers to his questions. Those words were a confirmation of a calling
on his life, and the beginning of a long, arduous journey to serve the Lord as
a Christian attorney with a mission to help explain and protect our rights to
share our faith. Grueling years of law
school, and working in a District Attorney’s office helped him gain knowledge;
but a relationship with the One who called him kept him going.

Today, the battle is fierce, the budget small, the spiritual
attacks daily, and the accolades few.
Yet, there is an unwavering confidence and a quiet strength to go on--
despite the persecution. This confident
determination doesn’t come from some personality trait, but rather from a love
for and eyes on Jesus. Oswald Chambers
says “faith is a deliberate commitment to the Person of Jesus Christ even when
I can’t see the way ahead.” And believe
me, there are many days Chuck can’t see the way ahead.

I don’t know what your call is…to raise godly children, to
lead a ministry, or to share your faith in a foreign land…but I bet there are
days you can’t see the way ahead. No
matter how noble, no matter how committed you are; if your commitment is to the
call, the result, or the ministry –your strength and your confidence will
surely fail. But if our commitment is to the Person of
Jesus Christ—if He is what we seek more than any other result; we will see Him
do things so much greater than we could ever imagine. Yes, there will be days where nothing seems
to be happening, and times when obedience seems to bring nothing but
trial. But it is especially in those
days that our love for our Savior (not our love for our call) will keep us
going; and it is then that we will see our Savior do mighty works in and
through us. His strength will never

Prayer: Oh Father, remind me daily that You are the
treasure I seek. I can do nothing
without You. Help me to seek You first. Direct my steps. Help me to walk out your will in the quiet
confidence that comes from a real, daily relationship with You. I love You Lord. Thank you for reminding me you are the
treasure. Amen.

If you
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kid’s rights to pray at school etc.!/ProjectSeveninc